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Forex money manager – Have you considered this option?

07/31/2011 Editorial Team 0

The significant benefits of choosing to invest through forex money managers is that investors don’t need to come to the table with huge investments in order to access this particular managed forex accounts. The general assumption is that a vast majority of managed forex accounts require investors to invest at least one million dollars. While this is true, but in most cases managed forex accounts require only a $5,000 approximately to get started.

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Forex Scalping Strategies

07/26/2011 Editorial Team 0

Forex scalping is popular and one of the most frequently used forex trading strategy but at the same time, forex scalping can be highly demanding as it is often used by experienced traders. The effectiveness of forex scalping and the various strategies that forex traders have built/come up with has been tested by many years of trading across various types of traders. In this article we mention a few easy to use forex sclaping strategies.

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Web based forex trading platforms

07/19/2011 Editorial Team 0

A web based forex trading platform eliminates the use of downloading and installing a desktop forex trading software. The ease of use coupled with the advantage of mobility makes a forex web based trading platform a popular choice. However, it brings with it some pros and cons as well. The differentiating factor between the advantage and disadvantage of using a web based forex trading platform lays in the usage and the purpose it is being required for. Read more about web based forex trading platforms