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Binary options money management strategy

07/14/2011 Editorial Team 0

Binary options money management is critical yet often overlooked prerequisite essential to an investor’s success. Binary options traders have the potential to make substantial profits over a period of time but can quickly lose their funds in only a couple of bad trades. This is where binary options money management comes into play.

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Dodd-Frank act and July 15th Deadline

07/11/2011 Editorial Team 0

The CFTC recently issued regulations concerning off-exchange retail foreign currency transactions and the entities that offer, solicit, provide advice regarding, or operate pools involving such transactions. This act/regulation will significantly change the structure of US based over-the-counter derivaties markets. The regulation aims to promote a higher level of transparency and to monitor and moderate systematic risks.

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Easy guide to using Elliott Wave

07/09/2011 Editorial Team 0

Recognizable patterns unfold in the financial markets. Using Elliott waves, you can learn to identify these patterns and use them to anticipate where prices will go next. Get started with a basic understanding of the Wave Principle. To use the Wave Principle as you analyze the markets, you need a basic understanding of the Elliott method — the rules and guidelines, the literal shape of individual waves, even when the larger trend may turn.

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What are credit rating companies and their impact on the economy

07/07/2011 Editorial Team 1

At regular intervals, you might have heard in the news about credit rating companies downgrading a country’s debt to junk and so on. What is credit rating and what role does a credit rating company play in the global economy? This article aims to give a beginner’s perspective about credit ratings, the companies that issue the ratings and the global impact these ratings have, especially in terms of valuing a currency.

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Understanding Forex Margin Trading

07/06/2011 Editorial Team 0

In forex margin trading, traders often utilize a short-term credit offered by the forex broker who provides the margin. This credit allowance can be used to buy any quantity of currency that exceeds the original account value of the trader that could be otherwise impossible to achieve with a low initial deposit. In other words Forex margin trading gives traders more purchasing power and the potential for more profits (and losses). How does forex margin trading work? Read more.

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Types of forex order execution in forex trading

07/04/2011 Editorial Team 0

Most traders focus on trying to learn the mechanics of the foreign exchange trade and spend their efforts on trying to find a utopian method for predicting movements. That is how it can be summed up. An utopian effort. Having said that, there are various trading tools to assist forex traders to predict the direction of the markets and such tools usually do quite an efficient job.