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Learn how to trade Gold online

08/31/2011 Editorial Team 0

Gоld соmmоditу trаding is аnоthеr intеrеsting аsресt thаt mаnу invеstоrs lооk аt. Соmmоditу trаding will аllоw уоu tо buу gоld futurеs frоm соmmоditу еxсhаngеs аnd раtiеntlу wаit until thе gоld рriсеs risе uр. This wау, уоu еnd uр inсrеаsing уоur рrоfit аnd whаt is mоrе intеrеsting is thаt уоu саn sеll уоur gоld futurе аnу timе уоu wish bеfоrе thе реriоd оf еxрirаtiоn.

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Elliott Wave Theory – Know the basics

08/17/2011 Editorial Team 0

The elliott wave theory is predominantly at work in the financial markets. The ever changing psychology of the investors is usually seen as patterns in the form of price movements. The Elliott Wave theory, is in effect a principle that was drafted by Ralph Nelson Elliott. The Elliott Wave theory is a princple that details how certain groups of people tend to behave.

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ETF Trading – Diversify your forex portfolio

08/14/2011 Editorial Team 0

When trading ETF’s there is a commission that needs to be paid, which is the case with most OTC trading. There is no minimum buy requirements within ETF Trading and neither does it require a minimum holding period, which is common to most mutual funds. In fact investors can buy as low as just one share of an ETF. This makes for ETF’s to be an excellent investment vehicle when compared to mutual funds.

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Binary options strategy – Using back testing

08/12/2011 Editorial Team 0

Speculating the future direction of the financial markets is one of the most often used binary options strategy by traders and investors. There are various number of tools to investors to determine a good binary options strategy, if not exactly then at least give a rough idea on where the future prices might be located in the chart.