The Volcker Rule Explained

11/29/2012 Editorial Team 0

Recent reports from the media that Washington required more time to review to the Volcker rule, deferring it to the first quarter of 2013 gives some breathing space for financial institutions. Whether you are an investor/trader or have an account with a US bank, the Volcker rule is something you should know about.

How to choose a forex signals service

11/23/2012 Editorial Team 0

Forex signals, in the most basic terms are buy and sell signals sent to traders from the signals provider. The advantage with forex signals is that for those who are constrained by time, forex signals are a great way to enter/exit the markets and to make considerable profits.

Trading Exotic Currency Pairs - NKK, SEK, CZK, PLN, DKK

Getting started with trading exotic currency pairs

11/16/2012 Editorial Team 0

The forex markets are pretty much dominated by the major currency pairs, EURUSD leading the lot. However, there is a little/lesser known aspect of forex trading that is usually overshadowed by the majors.. and for a reason. Before you get started with trading exotic currency pairs, you need to first understand the differences.