24Option Offers 2 and 5 Minute Expiry

While 60 second binary options remain quite popular with traders, 24Option.com offers two new types of short term expiries, namely the 2 minute and 5 minute binary options contracts. Although the basics remain the same compared to 60 second binary option expiries, the 2 minute and 5 minute expiries have a distinct advantage and offers traders better prospects of entering contracts.

Between the 2 minute and 5 minute options, the 5 minute option expiries is a better contract to trade due to the fact that traders can place CALL’s and PUT’s during periods of high liquidity and not just wait around for news events to move the market prices.

At 24Option, traders can choose any type of instrument, which includes forex, indices, stocks and commodities within the 2 minute or 5 minute expiries, with typical payouts around 70%. The best time to trade these options would be during market open and overlap periods, which means that AUD, NZD, JPY pairs are best traded during the Asian/Europe overlap and similarly, USD pairs for 2 or 5 minute expiry is best traded during the London/US overlap periods. At 24Option, traders can also close their options before the expiry time is reached and the returns for early closure is based on whether your contract is in the money or out of the money.

In terms of trading strategies for the 2 minute/5 minute binary options contracts, traders can make use of the same methods discussed in one of the previous articles, with the exception that instead of using the 1 minute chart, traders could switch to the 5 minute chart in order to trade the 5 minute expiry options for example. Bear in mind that not all forex pairs or stocks are available for the short term expiries, therefore do check beforehand. Unlike forex, where traders have to incur additional fees such as spreads and the risk of slippage during trading news events, binary options offer a fixed payout without any of the above fees involved. If you have been trading the 60 second binary option expiries, the 2 minute and 5 minute contracts should definitely help you gain a better advantage as well as open up the possibility of trading not just during news events but also when there is good liquidity in the markets.

About 24Option

Managed by CBay Financial Services, 24Option.com offers binary options contracts with a wide choice of different expiry times across forex, stocks and indices as well as Gold/Silver & Oil. Traders can start trading with a minimum initial deposit of $200 and above and the minimum investment per contract is $24. Payouts range from 70% and can go as high as up to 300% (for weekend options expiries). Besides offering traders to profit from binary options, traders can also sign up for the binary option affiliates program and refer their friends and earn extra money. For traders new to binary options, they can sign up an account with 24Option.com and register for the webinar courses in order to get acquainted with trading binary options in general.

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