Advantages of using MetaTrader Signals Service for Providers

MetaTrader Signals Service - Marketplace
MetaTrader Signals Service - Marketplace

Signals service providers who want to offer/sell their signals service usually have to address lot of issues when it comes to building up their client base. Of the many issues, trust and confidence ranks the highest and probably the hardest issue to deal with. With scams and negative reviews associated with signal service providers, for the average person wanting to sell forex signals, it can clearly be an uphill task.

Ever since MetaTrader introduced the signals service, the landscape has changed offering a fairer platform, not just for signal providers but for traders/customers as well. The MetaTrader signals service tends to address most of the common issues signal service providers face, thus making it easy and allowing the signal provider to focus on providing signals. Let’s take a look at how MetaTrader Signals service allows signals providers a better environment.

MetaTrader Signals Service – A Common Marketplace

MetaTrader Signals Service - Marketplace
MetaTrader Signals Service – Marketplace

The Signals service from MetaTrader offers a common marketplace that brings together signal service providers and traders (customers). In such an environment, the signals marketplace offers a fair platform for signal providers to showcase the effectiveness of their signal service. This means that from a customer’s (trader’s) point of view, they have better choice of signal providers to choose from and from a signal service provider’s perspective; they have access to a ready customer base.

Transparency of Service and Confidence

Transparency in Trade Signals
Transparency in Trade Signals

Gaining the customer’s (trader’s) confidence ranks the highest for a signals service provider. MetaTrader Signal service eliminates this obstacle by offering a transparent system, thus ensuring that the really good signal providers, with a decent and above average trade history are easier to find. Furthermore, the signal service provider doesn’t really need to bother about building trust with their customers as this is already addressed by the signals service from MetaTrader.

No more fraudulent refund claims

MetaTrader Marketplace Payment System
MetaTrader Marketplace Payment System

MetaTrader Signals service is a complete system with its own inbuilt wallet. Subscribing to a signals service is as simple as depositing funds to the wallet and subscribing to a service with the click of a button. Customers (traders) can choose from either a monthly or weekly subscription and because the wallet system is managed by MetaTrader, there is a lower risk of fraudulent customers trying to trick the signal provider.

Delivery of Signals

One of the most common issues signal providers have to deal with is their customers missing out on the trade alerts. If signals are sent out at 7PM GMT, it is not that easy for a trader from Asia to be able to trade based off those signals, given the local time. The MetaTrader Signals service offers auto trading capability. This ensures that traders who subscribe to the signals will never miss out on a trade signal again.

Anyone can be a signal provider

One of the best things to come out of the MetaTrader signal service is the fact that anyone can subscribe to become a signal provider (Free or Paid). This means that signal providers no longer have to deal with other issues such as marketing in order to reach out to new customers, but simply focus on the performance of their signals. Although anyone can sign up to be a signal provider, MetaTrader has certain qualification criteria such as using a max leverage of 1:500, a max drawdown of 70%, and verification of the signal provider and so on. Such measures ensure that there is more confidence from the trader’s (customers) thus ensuring the signal providers at MetaTrader is of higher quality.

Register for free with MetaTrader to start offering your own Signals Service.

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