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Example: Ascending Triangle pattern

Trading with Ascending and Descending triangles

In our previous articles on chart patterns, we covered the Head and Shoulders pattern, the flags pattern (bullish and bearish…

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Fibonacci Swing Trading - Chart Set Up

A simple Fibonacci Swing trading strategy

Some of the most profitable and consistent trading strategies are often those that are simple. The simplicity of the trading…

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Hikkake Bar - Bollinger Bands Strategy

Hikkake Pattern – Bollinger Band trading strategy

Price action trading can be a rewarding trading strategy for traders who truly understand how the markets work. While there…

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Inside Bar Examples

Trading the Hikkake Pattern

The Hikkake pattern is a Japanese terminology and refers to ‘trick’. It was discovered by Daniel Chesler, CMT and has…

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Bullish Flag Pattern (Example)

Trading the Flag patterns the right way

In the realm of the many different types of chart patterns, the flag patterns presumably fall into the category of…

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NewZealand - Eurozone GDP Growth Comparison

EURZND – Silently slipping away

As the Euro kept creeping up higher against the greenback and the bullish trend of the British Sterling supported by…

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RSI Trend Indicator (With new levels)

How to use RSI to determine trends

Determining trends is one of the basic blocks of technical trading. As the saying goes, the trend is your friend….

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EU Banking Union

European Banking Union Explained

The much talked about European Banking Union proposals has been making news on and off. For a complex set up…

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ETXCapital – Spread Betting Broker Review

ETXCapital is a UK based spread betting firm that is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with license number…

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Standard Deviation Channel

What is the Standard Deviation Channel

Standard deviation channel is also alternatively referred to as the Linear Regression channel. In the course of this article, we…

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CFD Trading - Three Essential Tips

Trading CFD’s? Three things that you should know

CFD, or Contract for Difference is a form of derivatives trading that offers certain distinct advantages compared to trading the…

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Money Flow Index - Momentum Oscillator

Understanding Money Flow Index

The Money Flow Index, or MFI for short is a momentum based oscillator that was created Gene Quong and Avrum…

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