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LMAX Exchange

LMAX Exchange Review

For traders who are looking for institutional quality, no dealing desk execution, LMAX exchange offers a perfect trading environment. LMAX…

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Twitter IPO

Four Reasons why you shouldn’t trade Twitter Stocks (CFD)

As twitter gears up for its IPO we notice a spike in forex brokers offering promotions trying to get mileage…

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Envelope Trading Indicator

Using the Envelopes Indicator for Trading

The envelopes indicator is a rather unique trading indicator. Unlike most indicators that tend to follow the trend (such as…

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Relative Vigor Index

Trading with the Relative Vigor Index (RVI)

Among the many oscillator suite of indicators, the Relative Vigor Index, or RVI for short, is relatively less popular than…

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Moving Averages - Technical Indicator

Moving Averages – Everything you should know

The moving averages indicator is one of simplest yet widely used indicator across every markets including Forex, Futures and equities….

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OctaFx Broker

OctaFx Review

OctaFx, an online forex broker, operated by OctaMarkets was incorporated in 2011 in St. Vincent and Grenadines and offers forex…

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US Debt Ceiling

The US Debt Ceiling Explained

The financial markets have built us a system wherein society, including governments thrive on debt. The simple premise being that…

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Head and Shoulders Pattern

Trading the Head and Shoulders Price pattern

Price patterns is the field of studying some recurring patterns that happen on the price chart, across different markets. Studying…

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Trading Tips - FOMC

Trading Tips for FOMC event

The US FOMC’s (Federal Open Markets Committee) monthly statement is due out later today during the US Sessions. Given the…

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Binary options scams

Protecting yourself against binary options scams

The recent rise in binary options trading has paved the way for many clones or ‘White Label’ binary options trading…

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Speed Resistance Lines - Downtrend

Trading with Speed lines (Speed Resistance Lines)

Speed Resistance Lines or Speed lines for short is a trading concept that was developed by the late Edson Gould…

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Central Banks - Interest Rates

Forex Fundamentals: Interest Rates and Central Banks

At a time when interest rates across the developed economies of the world are at record lows, Interest rates is…

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