Economic Calendar

Use the Forex Economic Calendar to update on the day’s or week’s key market moving economic events that can bring volatility to the markets. Each of the market events are marked as Low/Medium/High impact market news along with previous release, consensus and actual reading. Depending on the market event you are monitoring a better than expected reading and an improvement from the previous month can often result in a bullish sentiment. The economic calender below shows a complete list of market events across the major global economies and their respective currencies.

Profit with News Based Trading – Forex Economic Calendar

News based trading, or events based trading is an easy way for forex traders to profit from the market volatility. Given the simplicity of news based trading, it is one of the most popular means for both beginner and advanced forex traders to make quick profits. The Forex economic calendar above gives a weekly overview of the most important economic events scheduled for the week. Based on the importance, some economic news releases tend to move the forex prices more than other less important news released. Traders can make use of the economic data from the forex economic calendar and trade directly or use this method in combination to reading charts and applying technical analysis to gain a more clearer perspective on the price movements.