Forex Trade Simulator – SphereTester Review

SphereTester – Forex Trading Simulator with Economic Calendar Enabled
SphereTester – Forex Trading Simulator with Economic Calendar Enabled

SphereTester is a unique and a new product that offers an enhanced visual trading experience for market simulation. SphereTester, in a nutshell offers a visual trading interface that is applied to the ‘Strategy Tester’ function from MT4. Instead of trading the live market environment, SphereTester makes it easy for traders to simply load up the Strategy Tester, add the SphereTester expert advisor and hit ‘Run’ Traders can Buy/Sell in the simulated trading environment.

The SphereTester forex simulator works on the MT4 platform and requires traders to use the ‘Strategy Tester’ function in Visual Mode.

SphereTester – Forex Simulator Features and Functions

The SphereTester forex simulator comes packed with a lot of features, summarized as follows:

  • Visual Testing
  • Works on MT4 platform
  • Allows for traders to add additional indicators to include in the visual testing mode
  • In-built economic calendar brings more ‘real time’ experience yet trading in a simulated environment
  • Allows for visual Drag/Drop pending orders
  • Automatic updates ensures the latest features are incorporated while making the software compatible for future MT4 builds

SphereTester – Forex Trade Simulator – How it works

  • After your purchase SphereTester for $59, you receive an email with the license key and the download link to the SphereTester Expert Advisor (SphereTester.exe)
  • Download and Copy this file into your MQL4>Experts folder and restart your MT4 terminal (or right-click on ‘Expert Advisors’ and hit refresh)
  • Once the SphereTester is loaded onto your MT4 terminal, click on ‘Strategy Tester’ or click Ctrl+R

Traders can then load their trading templates onto the visual simulator and trade in the simulated environment. The first picture below shows how to set up the SphereTester forex simulator.

SphereTester – Forex Trading Simulator Set up
SphereTester – Forex Trading Simulator Set up

After the simulator is loaded and the Strategy Tester is set to ‘Visual Mode’, clicking on ‘Start’ in the strategy tester will load up the forex trade simulator features. The SphereTester comes with additional features such as Buy/Sell, as well as clicking on the News button which enables a simulated economic calendar as well, shown in the next picture below.

SphereTester – Forex Trading Simulator with Economic Calendar Enabled
SphereTester – Forex Trading Simulator with Economic Calendar Enabled

The Buy/Sell buttons can be used to place market orders as well as be able to view current orders as shown in the next picture below.

SphereTester – Forex Simulator with Order window
SphereTester – Forex Simulator with Order window

The speed of the visual mode can also be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the slider.

Why should you use SphereTester Forex Simulator?

If you’re wondering whether SphereTester is the ideal forex simulator for traders, then we summarize the benefits of using SphereTester in a nutshell.

  • Used as market simulation tool, SphereTester is lightweight (has just one .exe Expert Advisor file) and can be loaded into the Strategy Tester
  • The Buy/Sell buttons allows traders to place orders in a simulated environment
  • SphereTester is an ideal forex simulator that can be used during offline market periods as well
  • SphereTester is a great tool to practice your forex trading strategies. Whether you trade with price action or with indicators, SphereTester is an ideal tool to hone your trading skills
  • SphereTester works with the MT4 trading platform and does not require any additional trading software or files to be installed
  • Conveniently priced at $59 makes SphereTester more affordable, yet simple and powerful to use

Click here to purchase SphereTester for $59

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