HotForex PAMM Review

HotForex PAMM Account offers both investors and forex fund managers a transparent and a robust environment that creates a mutually profitable environment. The HotForex PAMM system, offers security for the forex fund managers and at the same time gives the investors the required tools to supervise their capital, trading profits and more. Learn more about Forex PAMM or Managed Accounts.

HotForex PAMM Review – Forex Fund Manager

If you are a forex fund manager, opening a HotForex PAMM Manager account is very easy. Sign up to the HotForex PAMM account and specify your fund manager proposal which includes Minimum capital, Success Fee along with a description of your trading style, which is obligatory. Once your HotForex fund manager account is approved, it would be listed on the HotForex PAMM webiste, thus allowing investors to get details on your PAMM account.

HotForex Fund managers make use of the HotForex PAMM system that allows an easy to use interface to group all the invested or sub accounts. By creating a PAMM master account (the fund manager’s main account) and by grouping the sub accounts, the forex fund manager only needs to trade on their main account and all the sub accounts automatically copy the trades from the main account. Of course, this feature can be turned off if the forex fund manager wishes to test new strategies or try out a different trading style. Click here to open a HotForex Fund Manager Account.

The HotForex PAMM system makes use of the MT4 multi terminal interface and allows forex fund managers to make use of Expert Advisors to automate some if not all of their trades.

Since HotForex offers ECN trading accounts, forex fund managers are offered the following benefits:

  • Low spreads
  • Unlimited liquidity
  • Fast Execution
  • Partial execution available
  • No requotes
  • WebTrader Available
  • Expert Advisors Trading
  • Scalping allowed
  • Different Account Types

The HotForex fund manager offers the following allocation method.

Allocation by Profit & Loss (P & L)

By using the Allocation by P/L, the forex fund manager would make use of the invested capital and trade on their master account. Based on the equity, the profits made by trading on the master account is automatically calculated and put back in the invested forex sub accounts. Using the Allocation by P/L method, the forex fund manager does not open simultaneous positions on the sub accounts but rather makes use of the capital and distributes the profits based on the equity from each of their sub accounts.

HotForex PAMM Review – Open Managed Account

Getting started with a managed forex account from HotForex is simple.

  1. Click here to visit the HotForex PAMM website
  2. You will be presented with a list of all forex fund managers from the best performing to the newest fund managers. Click on any of the fund manager to see their details and performance
  3. On the right side, you will notice a button ‘Open Account Under [Fund Manager’s Name]’
  4. Click the button and proceed to creating an account. Get started Now

Why Choose HotForex PAMM

HotForex PAMM accounts or managed forex accounts has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst traders and fund managers alike. With an auomated system that is transparent, both investors and trade managers can easily manage their accounts with little to no intervention. When you want to open a HotForex PAMM account, simply choose the forex fund manager of your choice based on their rate of return on a monthly basis, your minimum investment you want to make and watch your earnings grow.

Investing in a Forex PAMM account is ideal for both new investors to forex and also can act as a diversified investment portfolio for seasoned traders as well. Open a new HotForex PAMM Account and watch your profits grow!

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