ICTS Forex Trading Platform

The ICTS platform is the proprietary forex trading platform from GCI Trading. It is a much different trading platform from the MT4 or MT5 platforms. It is patterned after the ACTrader application and has several versions:

  • ICTS Forex Trading desktop client
  • ICTS Forex Trading web-based version (JAVA)
  • ICTS Forex Trading iPhone App
  • ICTS Forex Trading Windows mobile version that runs on Symbian phones

This dexterity in the different versions of the ICTS Forex trading platforms ensures that trader at GCI Trading has unrestricted access to the GCI Trading portal. It is possible for the trader to open a position on his home computer in the morning, check on it with his smartphone during lunchtime, and also trade in a hotel WiFi spot when he has neither his home computer nor his smartphone with him. In this short trading tutorial, we will go over the functions of the ICTS forex trading platform.

ICTS Forex Trading Platform
ICTS Forex Trading Platform - Overview

Accessing the ICTS Trading Platform

The trader has the option of accessing the four versions of the ICTS platform from the website of GCI Trading (www.gcitrading.com).

The first step is to fill the demo account access form on the website (for demo accounts) or open a live account. Either way, you will receive your username and password. On the next page that opens, you will see a download link for the desktop client.

GCI Trading - ICTS Demo Account
GCI Trading - ICTS Demo Account

Alternatively, you can go to www.gcitrading.com/login to get access to the web-based version. The same page also provides information on how to download the GCITrader from the app store for those who want to use the ICTS Trading Platform for the iPhone. Traders using the Windows OS phones can also get access to the GCI Trader for Windows OS phone on this page.

ICTS Trading Platform Login

ICTS Forex Trading Platform – Login

ICTS Forex Trading Platform

Look at the snapshot above. This shows traders using the web-based version how to login to their platforms. The diagram below also contains login instructions for smartphone users.

ICTS Mobile Trading Login

For the purpose of this illustration, we will use the web-based version to describe the trading process of the ICTS platform. The login page is shown. Traders must have JAVA installed on their computers for the web-based version to work.

ICTS Web Based Platform

ICTS Forex Trading Platform – Managing Orders

Six types of orders can be opened on the ICTS Platform. These are:

  • Buy Stop
  • Sell Stop
  • Buy Limit
  • Sell Limit
  • Market Buy
  • Market sell

Market Orders Procedure

  • Click on “Trading” button on the top left corner of the trading platform screen. This opens up a menu on which you can select “Buy” or “Sell”. Alternatively, you can click on either “Sell” or “Buy” against the currency you want to trade as illustrated below:
ICTS Forex Trading Platform - Managing Orders
ICTS Forex Trading Platform - Managing Orders
  • Check the boxes marked “Preset Stop” and “Preset Limit” to get the ability to set your stop loss and take profit levels before you enter the trade. You can also change the currency pair from this pop-up by clicking the down arrow on the “Instrument” tab (see screenshot above).
  • Enter the stop loss and take profit levels as appropriate
  • Click on the “OK” button to execute the order.

Managing Pending Orders

  • Click on “Trading” at the top left corner of the screen.
ICTS Platform - Manage Pending Orders
ICTS Platform - Manage Pending Orders
  • You will see a small pop-up asking you if the currency pair is the one you want to trade. If yes, click OK. If not, select it from the drop-down menu and click OK
  • Then click on any of the pending order types, depending on what you want to do
  • In the pop-up that follows, enter your preferred entry price, and set the stop loss and take profit as already described. Then click “OK” when you are done

ICTS Forex Trading Platform – Charts Management

  • Click on charts->New chart
  • Then select the currency pair whose chart you want to open, and the time frame of the chart. Then click OK. The chart will open
  • You can then enlarge or shrink the charts using the maximize/minimize button on the chart window

Setting up/Selecting Indicators with ICTS Platform

To be able to select indicators on the ICTS platform, you must have an active chart open.

  • Open the chart as described above, and maximize it using the appropriate btton on the chart window
  • Right click on the chart->click on setup indicators. A pop-up will open
  • Scroll through the list of indicators and select the one you want by clicking on it once
  • Next, you will see a sequence of arrows: click on the “->” to move the indicator into the “selected indicators” column
  • The indicator settings will also appear on the 3rd part of the same pop-up. Adjust your indicator settings as you wish. Then click OK.
ICTS Chart Indicators
ICTS Chart Indicators

The indicator will attach to your chart automatically. If you change your mind and want to remove the indicator at this stage, click the . Then select the correct indicator by going through the process once more. The chart window also has other function buttons on top; the zoom tools, chart type (bar chart, candlesticks, etc). You can also open a new chart by clicking the hand figure on the top left of the chart window.

  • you want, then click on “Chart Window”

Selecting the Chart Time Frames

This has been dealt with under “Opening a New Chart”. You can go through that process or you can click the hand figure on the top left of the chart window to select a new time frame.

Managing Windows

You can open several windows such as active positions, closed positions, instruments list, etc by clicking the “Windows” tab on the left hand side of the trading platform sceen.

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