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ETF Trading – Diversify your forex portfolio

08/14/2011 Editorial Team 0

When trading ETF’s there is a commission that needs to be paid, which is the case with most OTC trading. There is no minimum buy requirements within ETF Trading and neither does it require a minimum holding period, which is common to most mutual funds. In fact investors can buy as low as just one share of an ETF. This makes for ETF’s to be an excellent investment vehicle when compared to mutual funds.

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Dodd-Frank act and July 15th Deadline

07/11/2011 Editorial Team 0

The CFTC recently issued regulations concerning off-exchange retail foreign currency transactions and the entities that offer, solicit, provide advice regarding, or operate pools involving such transactions. This act/regulation will significantly change the structure of US based over-the-counter derivaties markets. The regulation aims to promote a higher level of transparency and to monitor and moderate systematic risks.

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What are credit rating companies and their impact on the economy

07/07/2011 Editorial Team 1

At regular intervals, you might have heard in the news about credit rating companies downgrading a country’s debt to junk and so on. What is credit rating and what role does a credit rating company play in the global economy? This article aims to give a beginner’s perspective about credit ratings, the companies that issue the ratings and the global impact these ratings have, especially in terms of valuing a currency.

Influence on stock prices

What influences a company’s share price

06/10/2011 Editorial Team 0

A publicly listed company’s stocks are one of the most popularly traded assets. But do you really know what impacts or influences a company’s share price? In “What influences a company’s share price” we explain the factors that impact a company’s share price and how investors and traders can make use of this information to trade the financial markets better.