MetaTrader 5 App: What Does It Offer?

Are you passionate about forex but don’t have time to stay in front of your computer all day long? Well, with the advent of more advanced technologies, you can become now a forex trader and earn extra income anywhere and anytime after the official release of MetaTrader 5 app. It can be the perfect tool that you can use for dealing on forex market on your Android (as I told in the previous article) or iOS device.

Through the MT5 app, traders have the chance to trade with brokers such as Oanda, Exness, AlfaForex, IBFX, ActiveTrades, FXDD, and many others.

After you have created a demo account or login with your existing one, you are ready to start trading. This mobile app allows you to watch currency exchange rates in real time, what means you are assured that you are updated each and every second – crucial for having very accurate trading results.

MetaTrader 5 app’s main screen is reliable and quick that can track the most used symbols. You can add symbols just by searching. Thus, you can organize those symbols according to your preferences. Those you always use shall appear on top of the screen. Meanwhile, the same menu lets you access the chart as well as properties of a symbol simply by tapping its part on the screen.

The charts provide detailed information about the currency pair. This interesting and helpful app allows users to choose from bar chart, candlestick or line chart. You even the option to filter the graph based on intervals such as 1 minute, 5 minutes or 15 minutes. In case you want to have longer intervals, you may opt to work based on hourly or daily time intervals allowing you to have an in-depth analysis.

To make a trader’s life easier, MetaTrader 5 app launched push notifications that will help traders to see alarms just in time. This feature may increase your chances for profitable trading.

The app also offers tabbed navigation that comes with gesture navigation support allowing efficient use. It has smooth UI that does not lag as you download data from the server. As for the price, MetaTrader 5 is one of the most reasonably priced apps available in the market today – it’s FREE.

However, the app seems to be lacking in indicators. At the same time, we can expect updates and upgrades from the developers soon.

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