MT4 Visual Trading Console: Easy Convenient and Reliable!

Even though the Metatrader forex platform as software has proven itself to be extremely useful for forex traders, it is still not the most user-friendly program to use. More so in aspects such as managing the daunting tasks of order entry and management. The MT4 platform requires traders to undergo series of complicated steps just to cover the basics, and should the need to use more advanced features arise, you are required to use various different scripts or get the help of expert advisers to operate it properly, which is extremely challenging when dealing with multiple trades.

VTC, also known as MT4 Visual Trading Console can help revolutionize your Metatrader software, as it is a stand-alone windows application which can easily interface with the Metatrader terminal. The MT4 Visual Trading Console lets you use all of the features Metatrader has to offer, along with letting you open, close and manage trade through the VTC application itself. All of the trade operations are still done in Metatrader, and are visible in the Visual Trading Console and the Metatrader without any delay.

Using the VTC application is easier than you can imagine. With just a single click, you can manage order execution and order management which usually takes up a lot of your time, leaving you free to do other work in the same time span. VTC automatically handles error such as REQUOTE and BUSY, through full ECN broker support and lets you set up and modify TP and SL stops. You can also setup visual pending orders with the OCO functionality of the VTC software.

The MT4 Visual Trading Console helps traders to close all trades, or selected trades at once, through the single-button click function along with letting you close a partial order. VTC has a vigorous order manager which works on a per ticket basis, such as trailing stop, stepping stop, TP/SL and multilevel profit, which have fully definable and loadable manager profiles.

The Automatic trade manager for VTC is built for automatically intercepting and managing new trades. It also lets you to easily preset the TP/SL and lot size which are based on the selected risk percentage factor of the trade. You can also stop and reverse orders with a single click, along with getting weekly trading statistics.

MT4 Visual Trading Console

MT4 Visual Trading Console – Features

  • Single click order execution and management
  • Automatic REQUOTE & BUSY error handling
  • ECN broker support
  • Visually set and modify your stops
  • Visually setup your pending orders
  • Close all or selected trades via single button click functionality
  • Robust order manager on a per ticket basis (break even, trailing stop, multilevel profit taking) with fully definable and loadable trade manager profiles
  • Automatic trade manager (automatically intercepts & manages new trades)
  • Preset your TP / SL & lot size based on your risk percentage factor
  • Place multiple OCO orders
  • Single click Stop & Reverse orders
  • Weekly trading statistics
  • Free updates (via automatic online process)

The VTC application has an integrated forex news calendar which helps you keep up with the dynamic news of the forex trade and shows you any fluctuations in the market the moment they happen. It also provides you with free updates regarding your trade through automatic online processing.

The MT4 Visual Trading Console program is created specifically to help you manage your forex trades. You can establish your initial Stop Loss, Break Even and Pip by Pip trailing stop along with other trade management tools like TakeProfit . These help you zero in certain levels of profit. It also allows TakeProfit to reach from one to five specific targets which help you close a percentage of your winning trade at every target point it specifies.

The MT4 Visual Trading Console trade manager lets you customize the settings of the application to your preferences as it can store multiple settings under different profile names. You can allot each trade with its own unique trade management strategy along with assigning a default trade manager on some profiles which would initiate the moment you start a new trade. An example of this can be when a pending order is activated, or a new trade is manually placed into the software, or through EA. By using the VTC you can have complete control of all your trades.

This application has gained tremendous popularity with traders around the world, as it helps them sort through all of their trades efficiently and makes the forex trade easier to explain to newbie clients who want to invest in the market but do not have the knowledge to place their money smartly.

The software is user-friendly so you do not have to waste time trying to adjust to the new settings. It just increases your efficiency at work and frees up your work schedule so that you can focus on the trade instead of the menial yet frustrating tasks of sorting and managing information. This is why most top forex traders have already started using the MT4 Visual Trading Console application for their businesses so that they can have optimal efficiency in the least amount of time.

The MT4 Visual Trading Console is reasonably priced at $69.99 and comes with training tutorials and support in case of any questions. The MT4 Visual Trading Console software is delivered instantly after purchase and you can start using it straight away.

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