PAMM Forex Broker Reviews

PAMM, Percent Allocation Management module is a feature offered by PAMM forex brokers who allow investors with capital to fund and invest a forex fund managers account. The forex fund manager then trades with the invested capital and charges a percentage fees from the profits generated through the invested capital. Investors, based on their investment amount then get a certain share of the profits based on their invested capital.

PAMM Forex Brokers

[accordion title=”FxOpen PAMM Account”]
FxOpen has been offering online forex and metals trading since 2005 and was one of the first broker to offer ECN trading accounts. FxOpen’s PAMM account operates on an ECN trading model, thus providing the best forex execution model. Investors can look at the various PAMM accounts before investing in order to get a better picture of the fund manager they want to invest with. Read more about FxOpen Broker Review.

  • Get complete details on the PAMM fund manager’s account including daily/weekly gain, minimum deposit, minimum top up and returns.
  • Minimum PAMM Deposit of $50. May vary based on the Fund Manager you select.
  • Trading Instruments include over 32 Currency Pairs, Metals
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[accordion title=”HotForex PAMM Account”]
HotForex is a reputable forex broker that offers PAMM Accounts. Based in Mauritius and supported by world wide customer support offices, HotForex is ideal to choose for PAMM Accounts. PAMM investments and transfers within the framework of HotForex PAMM program are controlled directly by HotForex and is automated. The HotForex PAMM program guarantees to all participants (both Fund managers and Investors) the security, transparency and consideration of all operations inside the system. Read more about HotForex Broker Review.

  • Choose between Premium PAMM Account (Spreads from 1Pip. Commission Free) or Currenex PAMM Account (Spreads from 0.2Pips. Commissions: $5 per 100k)
  • Minimum Floor Deposit of $500. May vary based on the Fund Manager you select.
  • Trading Instruments include over 41 Currency Pairs, Metals, Oils, Indices
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[accordion title=”LiteForex PAMM Account”]
LiteForex was established in 2005 and offers a great portfolio of trading instruments. The LiteForex PAMM Accounts offers the following benefits. For more information read the LiteForex Review.

  • The possibility to choose a fund manager according to your own idea of capital management and trading rules. The provided monitoring is quite informative and allows you to receive all the necessary information concerning the account you’re interested in.
  • Investing is carried out through a simple and intuitive interface, the process of signing up and depositing funds in an account takes only a few minutes.
  • You can deposit funds in the chosen project and withdraw them at any moment at your option, without any restrictions.
  • All the payments are carried out automatically, without unauthorized persons having access to the investment account, which guarantees high investments security.
  • Minimum Floor deposit of $200

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Is PAMM Forex Account Right for me?

If you have the capital but do not have the time or the expertise to trade the forex markets, then investing in a forex PAMM account is an ideal solution to put your money to work. Contrary to the low interest rates offered by banks, or even other forms of investing, Forex PAMM accounts can be invested in. As an investor you can choose between a long term and a short term forex PAMM accounts.

Are Forex PAMM Accounts safe?

As with any investment product, there are risks that need to be considered. Forex markets are volatile and are often unpredictable. By opening a PAMM forex account you aren’t protected against the unpredictable trends. The trick is in choosing a reliable and stable forex fund manager. When opening a Forex PAMM account, investors can see details of the various forex fund managers listed. Research into the fund managers portfolio to understand their style of trading, risk ratio, rate of return, fees charged by the fund manager and so on. For more information, read about Forex PAMM Accounts here.

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  1. hotforex is great-I just closed 7 accts because they dont want US $$. Please recomened a good PAMM broker that appreciates US $$ thanks, Ross

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