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Binary Options Hedging explained

01/28/2011 Editorial Team 0

Hedge funds are designed for shorter-term investments with the goal of making the largest return on investment in the shortest time. Instead of making a small amount of money over a long period of time, these diversified portfolios generally leverage successful securities against less successful ones, providing a large return with minimal risk. The main component of a hedge fund is the risk-return ratio, which can be analyzed by tracking the performance of certain markets over a specific period of time. Generally, hedge funds are only available to investors with a large percentage of financial assets at risk.

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Profit from Binary Options strategies

11/30/2010 Editorial Team 0

There are many different strategies when it comes to binary options. Profit from Binary options through our detailed binary options strategies. Read more about Iron Condor Options strategy, Selling naked puts strategy and covered call strategy.

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What asset is best for binary options trading

11/28/2010 Editorial Team 1

In order to profit from binary options trading, it is important for the trader to determine the right asset. At present, binary options brokers offers a variety of stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. This article takes a look at the most viable assets to trade in Binary Options.

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Trading strategy for Binary Options Trading

11/15/2010 Editorial Team 0

Binary options trading, due to it’s ease of use and quick returns has fast become an interesting trading/investing proposition amongst traders. Despite it’s simplicity, there are are quite a many binary options trading strategies available. We explain in brief the different binary options trading strategies.

Difference: Forex and Binary Options

Difference between Binary Options & Forex Trading

09/28/2010 Editorial Team 0

Both forex and binary option trading are very popular among traders these days, and many new traders are curious what the differences between the two are. While both forex and binary option trading can be done online, at any hour of the day, the ways in which they handle risk and exposure are quite different.