Binary Options Trading

Binary Options – Understanding the basics

11/16/2011 Editorial Team 0

Binary options makes for a lucrative short term investment option that enables the investor to profit by correctly predicting the short term price movement on the underlying asset or security that is being traded. Today there are over 100 different binary options brokers that offer the aforementioned form of financial trading, each adding their own flair to the trading platforms in most cases.

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Binary options strategy – Using back testing

08/12/2011 Editorial Team 0

Speculating the future direction of the financial markets is one of the most often used binary options strategy by traders and investors. There are various number of tools to investors to determine a good binary options strategy, if not exactly then at least give a rough idea on where the future prices might be located in the chart.

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Binary options money management strategy

07/14/2011 Editorial Team 0

Binary options money management is critical yet often overlooked prerequisite essential to an investor’s success. Binary options traders have the potential to make substantial profits over a period of time but can quickly lose their funds in only a couple of bad trades. This is where binary options money management comes into play.

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Binary Options Hedging explained

01/28/2011 Editorial Team 0

Hedge funds are designed for shorter-term investments with the goal of making the largest return on investment in the shortest time. Instead of making a small amount of money over a long period of time, these diversified portfolios generally leverage successful securities against less successful ones, providing a large return with minimal risk. The main component of a hedge fund is the risk-return ratio, which can be analyzed by tracking the performance of certain markets over a specific period of time. Generally, hedge funds are only available to investors with a large percentage of financial assets at risk.