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Binary options strategy – Using back testing

08/12/2011 Editorial Team 0

Speculating the future direction of the financial markets is one of the most often used binary options strategy by traders and investors. There are various number of tools to investors to determine a good binary options strategy, if not exactly then at least give a rough idea on where the future prices might be located in the chart.

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Binary options trading strategy for day trading investors

08/01/2011 Editorial Team 0

Binary options is seen as a purely risky markets which also brings about the number of hazards engaged with it as well. With an increase of hazards, comes the need for a good binary options trading strategy that can offset the threats posed by the volatile markets, particularly during peak hours where the markets can transform either way.

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Binary option trading strategy – Quick Tips

07/03/2011 Editorial Team 0

As binary options have become more widely available in the past year, there has been an increase in the amount of binary options trading strategies. These binary options trading strategies have been developed by both top binary options brokers and individual investors. As trader speculation increases, so do the risks. As a result, the need for a binary option trading strategy increases.

Influence on stock prices

What influences a company’s share price

06/10/2011 Editorial Team 0

A publicly listed company’s stocks are one of the most popularly traded assets. But do you really know what impacts or influences a company’s share price? In “What influences a company’s share price” we explain the factors that impact a company’s share price and how investors and traders can make use of this information to trade the financial markets better.

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Trading commodities with binary options

05/18/2011 Editorial Team 0

If you have ever considered investing online, then trading commodities with binary options form a better alternative. The way binary options trading functions is that first you pick an asset say for example crude oil, a commodity and either make a PUT or a CALL option. The payouts vary between 65% to as high as 81% during regular trading hours.