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Binary options strategy – Using back testing

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Speculating the future direction of the financial markets is one of the most often used binary options strategy by traders and investors. There are various number of tools to investors to determine a good binary options strategy, if not exactly then at least give a rough idea on where the future prices might be located in the chart. Technical analysis, statistical models, or even fundamental analysis are some of the tools that helps the traders to determin the earnings or any economic data that has the potential to change the current trading environment. Given that there are so many tools available at your disposal, the one question that comes to every trader's mind is the effectiveness of such tools and how much they can benefit the trader to make the right trading decisions. This i...

Binary options money management strategy

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Binary options money management is an important aspect that goes hand in hand towards defining a successful binary options trading plan. Money management is essential in binary options trading, just the way it is in every day life, not to forget, in forex trading as well. Binary options money management is one aspect that is often overlooked. Similar to forex trading, binary options investors need to have a preset trading strategy and discipline. Binary options trading can be tricky, largely due to the fast results. Such an environment can easily trigger the human emotions and even though you keep depositing in small amounts, when it comes to consolidation the bigger picture shows a different scenario altogether. Any reasonable trader/investor will have to practice proper money manageme...

Profit from Binary Options strategies

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Profit generating option strategies is an option strategy that makes money when you enter the position. The profits are generated when you sell options, either selling put option or buying put option.Unlike other binary options strategies, the profit generating option strategies are different because they deal with the point when you enter a position on an underlying asset. Below, we explain some such profit generating strategies that can be easily implemented by new and professional traders alike. Selling naked puts You will get income by selling put.  Naked put is an option put where the option writer does not have a position in the underlying stock. This strategy is used when you want to buy stock, but you think the price is too high. By writing a put, you will get a premium. If th