Binary Options Trading

Binary Options – Understanding the basics

11/16/2011 Editorial Team 0

Binary options makes for a lucrative short term investment option that enables the investor to profit by correctly predicting the short term price movement on the underlying asset or security that is being traded. Today there are over 100 different binary options brokers that offer the aforementioned form of financial trading, each adding their own flair to the trading platforms in most cases.

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What is one touch trading in binary options

05/15/2011 Editorial Team 0

One Touch Binary Options are a type of exotic option growing increasingly popular amongst traders in the commodity and Forex markets. One touch trading provide traders with payouts immediately after the price of the underlying asset has reached or has surpassed a predetermined barrier. These options allow the investor to set the position of the barrier being the time to expiration and the payout to be received once the barrier is broken.