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ETF Trading – Diversify your forex portfolio

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ETF Trading is one of the most popular alternatives to the conventional forex trading. ETF stands for exchange traded funds. ETF Trading makes for an exciting and fast growing segment of the financial investment industry and makes for a formidable replacement to mutual funds as a preferred choice for fund managers. ETF Trading has been available since the late 80's as they are growing at a tremendous rate as more and more financial investors are starting to be aware of the profit potential from trading ETF's. At the outset, an ETF Trading fund comprises of a group of stocks, bonds or other investment vehicles similar to that of a mutual fund. But there in ends the similarity. Unlike mutual funds, ETF's trade the same way as stocks do, thus allowing an investor to buy and sell during the...

The Truth About Billionaire George Soros’ Big Moves

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It's official: George Soros, the world's most successful speculator, is closing up his legendary $25 billion Quantum Fund to outside investors after 40 years. Soros explained that new regulations under the Dodd-Frank Act would have required the fund to register with the SEC if it continued to invest money for outsiders. He'd rather just limit the fund to family and his philanthropic endowment. Any story this heavily hyped is an incredible opportunity for market pundits to put their collective feet in their mouths. This one did not disappoint. So what are the biggest misconceptions about this historic event, and what's actually going on- Panic! 24/7 Wall Street reported on which stocks it thinks could be vulnerable from a Soros Fund liquidation. But the story was undermined by this ackno...

Trading exchange traded funds or ETF’s explained

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ETF's, or exchange traded funds, were first introduced to the financial markets in early 90's. Exchange traded funds are used as an investment vehicle, traded similar to stocks or shares on stock exchanges. Collectively known as 'index trackers', Exchange traded funds and index funds are each ready made packages of securities that deliver the return of a particular market (e.g. US equity) by tracking that market’s index. The issue with exchange traded funds and ETF Option has always been liquidity, but things have changed in that regard. The Exchange traded funds are often attractive to investors because of their tax efficiency, low costs and similarity to stocks. ETFs have been called the most innovative investment medium of the last twenty years by 67% of investment professionals in M