Influence on stock prices

What influences a company’s share price

06/10/2011 Editorial Team 0

A publicly listed company’s stocks are one of the most popularly traded assets. But do you really know what impacts or influences a company’s share price? In “What influences a company’s share price” we explain the factors that impact a company’s share price and how investors and traders can make use of this information to trade the financial markets better.

What is a rollover or swap in forex trading

06/07/2011 Editorial Team 0

If you hold a forex position “overnight” you may pay a Rollover charge or be paid a rollover benefit by your forex broker. The rollover fee charged by your forex broker depends on the currency pair, the interbank market rate (interest rate differential between the currencies), duration of the rollover period, size of the position and the spread of the currency pair.

Financial Hedging

Forex hedging tips explained

05/25/2011 Editorial Team 0

Usually adopted by experienced traders, the art of forex hedging are also known as futures trading, the way it is done in stock and commodity markets. The easiest way to understand hedging is to think of it as insurance.

What is the Consumer Price Index in forex trading

05/24/2011 Editorial Team 0

The CPI measures inflation (a sustained rise in prices in an economy) as experienced by consumers in their day-to-day living expenses. The increase in the CPI is what most people think of as the “inflation rate.” It is used by retailers in predicting future price increases, by employers in calculating salaries and by the government in determining cost-of-living increases for Social Security.

Support and Resistance based trading

What is Support and resistance in forex trading

05/12/2011 Editorial Team 0

If the Forex market moves up and then drops back down some, the highest point that it has reached before the drop down is now resistance. As the market goes back up again, the lowest point which it reached before it starts to climb again is now the support. An uptrend line, in its most basic form, is drawn along the identifiable valleys, or support areas.