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Web based forex trading platforms

07/19/2011 Editorial Team 0

A web based forex trading platform eliminates the use of downloading and installing a desktop forex trading software. The ease of use coupled with the advantage of mobility makes a forex web based trading platform a popular choice. However, it brings with it some pros and cons as well. The differentiating factor between the advantage and disadvantage of using a web based forex trading platform lays in the usage and the purpose it is being required for. Read more about web based forex trading platforms

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Understanding Forex Margin Trading

07/06/2011 Editorial Team 0

In forex margin trading, traders often utilize a short-term credit offered by the forex broker who provides the margin. This credit allowance can be used to buy any quantity of currency that exceeds the original account value of the trader that could be otherwise impossible to achieve with a low initial deposit. In other words Forex margin trading gives traders more purchasing power and the potential for more profits (and losses). How does forex margin trading work? Read more.

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Types of forex order execution in forex trading

07/04/2011 Editorial Team 0

Most traders focus on trying to learn the mechanics of the foreign exchange trade and spend their efforts on trying to find a utopian method for predicting movements. That is how it can be summed up. An utopian effort. Having said that, there are various trading tools to assist forex traders to predict the direction of the markets and such tools usually do quite an efficient job.