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Strategies For Scalping The Forex Market

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Scalping is the most difficult of all the trading strategies to do profitably as it is impossible for any trader to consistently make money without an edge that gives them an advantage over the randomness in the market. And in the Forex market, as is the case with almost every other financial market that I know of, the smaller the time frame the greater the degree of randomness and the greater the time frame the more significant the effects of an edge tend to be. Scalpers also have the problem that many brokers simply do not like scalpers and will put successful scalpers on dealer intervention or even stop accepting their trades altogether. And if that wasn’t enough, scalping is also the most expensive form of trading because the spread, or the small commission that ECN Forex brokers charg
Ivey Purchasing Managers Index – Canada

Ivey Purchasing Managers Index – Canada

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The Ivey Purchasing Manager's index is an important economic indicator for Canada and influences the CAD currency against the majors. The Ivey Purchasing Manager's Index, is also refered to as the Ivey PMI which is an economic index to measure the monthly fluctuation in the economic activity made up of a panel of purchase managers across Canada. Influences: CAD. Currency Pairs: USD/CAD Released: Fourth working day of the month The Ivey Purchasing Manager's Index is is published by the Purchasing Management Association of Canada along with the Richard Ivey School of business and is made of 175 participants that includes both the public and private sectors. The Ivey PMI's members indicate whether their organization's activity is higher or lower than the previous across the follow...

Forex Scalping Strategies

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There are many different types of forex scalping strategies in use today. Forex scalping is popular and one of the most frequently used forex trading strategy. Forex scalping is also highly demanding as it is often used by experienced traders. The effectiveness of forex scalping and the various strategies that forex traders have built/come up with has been tested by many years of trading across various types of traders. Forex scalping is nothing but taking a position at a defined entry but no clear profit target where the positions are closed, often in less than two minutes of opening the trading thereby scalping even the slightest of profits. To explain this a bit more clearly, Forex scalping strategies call for closing the trade at either top of two minutes or at a five-pip profit, no...

Forex Scalping Explained

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Forex scalping is one of the most used and highly demanding forex trading strategies nowadays. In the Forex scalping methods, trading is done over shorter time frames and profits are taken after relatively small moves in the market. Forex scalping is a Forex strategy in which the trader intends to take profits quickly on very small pip movements. Usually the trade is entered and closed quickly, within minutes. Forex scalpers make profits on quick 5 to 15 pip movements. After a while, profits claimed on these small movements will add up. Forex scalping method of trading is different from other traditional forex trading methods where the profits are allowed to run and losses are cut shorter. When somebody is scalping the market he/she is not looking for the big move of the markets; ...