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4 Crucial Principles a Forex Trader Needs to Follow

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If your decision to join Forex trading family is adamant then you must know that for trading this biggest market in the world you need the same qualities which serve us in life. Don’t lie to yourself After you missed a trade or placed the one which is totally out of your trading plan criteria, take a necessary break: try to identify the reasons for those actions or non-actions. What emotions lead to this ending? Being truthful to yourself in finding mistakes and correcting them is a big deal of a mature trader’s thinking. Admit that even robots fail, so common mortals leave by mistakes and should learn from them. No taking personally Remember that trading is business and this kind of market appreciates no greed or fear. You must be detached from all of your emotions, opinions,

4 Tips on How to Identify Forex Fraud

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When the first wave of Forex market boom hit the internet and more and more people started trading and investing money. It immediately attracted those shady characters of the world to jump in and commit multiple instances of FX fraud. The market got flooded with various brokers, software developers, providers of trade signals and other bad characters whose only interest was to scam you of your money and get out for, let's say, Barbados. Of course, it hit FX reputation hard. Sometimes people even mention its fraud, firstly, and then speak about trading.  However, it also helped to separate wheat from the chaff. The legitimate businesses have survived all types of Forex fraud and have risen to the top. However, any FX trader (newbie or pro) needs to be careful as the bottom feeders do exi

Which forex spreads is right for you

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When looking for a prospective broker a prospective trader/investor should research how the forex broker price their spreads. Most often it's not easy to miss as it's advertised quite visibly. There are basically two kinds of spreads. Fixed Spreads Variable Spreads In order to understand these two, we need to first know what spreads mean in forex trading terminology. Why should I be bothered by spreads. Over a period of time, the spreads that a trader pays to the forex broker while executing the trades ends up costing a significant amount, and should be a key consideration when choosing a Forex broker. Every forex trader pays a spread. A spread is the difference between the ask and bid price. It is the spread that earns market markers, or in other words the forex broker you trad...