Investing in Gold

Is it time to invest in Gold?

04/04/2013 Editorial Team 0

With Gold prices trading a monthly lows we explore the possibility if now is the right time to invest in Gold and also factor in the prevailing global economic conditions to ascertain whether Gold prices will start rising or continue to drop even further.

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Is gold still a safe investment option?

01/28/2011 Editorial Team 0

Investors of US debt are growing closer to a breaking point that could force a major sell-off of Treasuries causing yields to rise sharply. This would make it expensive for the US Government to borrow to spur a sluggish economy. If that happens, inflation could soar. Investors would then flock back into gold, as a safe haven. We have already received signals from China that it intends to reduce their holdings of US Treasuries. If you think that will cause a mild inflation risk, you are in for a rude awakening.