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Dodd-Frank act and July 15th Deadline

07/11/2011 Editorial Team 0

The CFTC recently issued regulations concerning off-exchange retail foreign currency transactions and the entities that offer, solicit, provide advice regarding, or operate pools involving such transactions. This act/regulation will significantly change the structure of US based over-the-counter derivaties markets. The regulation aims to promote a higher level of transparency and to monitor and moderate systematic risks.

Financial Hedging

Forex hedging tips explained

05/25/2011 Editorial Team 0

Usually adopted by experienced traders, the art of forex hedging are also known as futures trading, the way it is done in stock and commodity markets. The easiest way to understand hedging is to think of it as insurance.

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What is one touch trading in binary options

05/15/2011 Editorial Team 0

One Touch Binary Options are a type of exotic option growing increasingly popular amongst traders in the commodity and Forex markets. One touch trading provide traders with payouts immediately after the price of the underlying asset has reached or has surpassed a predetermined barrier. These options allow the investor to set the position of the barrier being the time to expiration and the payout to be received once the barrier is broken.

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Binary Options Hedging explained

01/28/2011 Editorial Team 0

Hedge funds are designed for shorter-term investments with the goal of making the largest return on investment in the shortest time. Instead of making a small amount of money over a long period of time, these diversified portfolios generally leverage successful securities against less successful ones, providing a large return with minimal risk. The main component of a hedge fund is the risk-return ratio, which can be analyzed by tracking the performance of certain markets over a specific period of time. Generally, hedge funds are only available to investors with a large percentage of financial assets at risk.