Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator

Introduction to Schaff Trend Cycle

03/25/2013 Editorial Team 0

The Schaff Trend Cycle was discovered by Doug Schaff and is used to identify cycles within the market. Relatively new, having been discovered in 2008, the STC represents overbought/oversold market conditions and is known to be leading, compared to the MACD to identify potential changes in cycles within a trend.

Williams Percent Range Indicator

Introduction to Williams Percent Range Indicator

03/23/2013 Editorial Team 0

The Williams Percent Range indicator or %R is a momentum oscillator and works similar to Stochastics, with a small difference and is considered as a leading indicator. The %Range indicator does not have the smoothing factor which can be seen with Stochastics oscillator.

Average True Range Indicator

Introduction to Average True Range

03/21/2013 Editorial Team 0

The Average True Range is a technical analysis indicator, developed by J. Welles Wilder. It is used to measure market volatility and works as an oscillator. The ATR is calculated based on the price’s true range (the high and the low prices) and represents market noise.