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A shopping receipt is nothing but your post-trade transparency, records price, quantity, time and venue.

What is a Multilateral trading facility (MTF)?

Multilateral trading facility  or MTF is a regulatory term in Europe for non-exchange financial trading venue. A non-exchange financial trading…

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Forex Chart

Evaluating A Forex Broker

For many people who may be considering forex trading for the first time, one of the benefits is that it’s…

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The MACD Indicator

Integrating the MACD with Your Strategy

After discovering the multiple benefits of employing moving averages in an effort to better time the market and identify key…

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Oanda Forex Order Book

Getting an edge with Forex Tools – Order Book

Order books, which are largely prevalent among exchange based trading instruments is one of the ways some traders tend to…

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Swiss Shocker

Dealing Desk or Non Dealing Desk? – The SNB Aftermath

Last week’s Swiss National Bank shocker caught the markets off guard posting heavy casualties which was felt more with the…

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Variable Spreads

Variable spreads and why they matter

Forex brokers nowadays offer a lot better choice of trading conditions for their customers. When it comes to spreads, brokers…

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Forex Correlation Tool Scanner

Trading Correlations – Introduction to pairs trading

Trading currency or stocks correlation, or pairs trading as it is often referred involves buying one currency pair or stocks…

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Are all Forex brokers the same?

Let us start with a completely different scenario. All cars do the same thing; they provide a sit-down environment, they…

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Line Chart Comparison with Candlestick & Bar Chart

Introduction to using Line Charts

Line charts are a form of chart type that takes into consideration the closing price for a particular period of…

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Example: Renko Charts

Introduction to Renko Charts

Renko Charts is a type of charting concept that was developed by the Japanese. Renko (or Renga) is the Japanese…

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Trading - Gambling

Do traders and gamblers meet in Forex?

There are a lot of people out there that consider retail Forex trading as a casino packaged up as financial trading…

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Candlestick Formation

How Japanese Candlestick’s Express Sentiment

We might look at them every single day and dream of them but do you actually know the history of…

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