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MQL5 Market Portal

MQL5 Market for Buying Forex Robots and trading programs

The Market section on the portal is a new and unique feature from MetaQuotes Software corp. The MQL5 Programs is a collection of trading indicators, robots and expert advisors for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

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Investing in Gold

Is it time to invest in Gold?

With Gold prices trading a monthly lows we explore the possibility if now is the right time to invest in Gold and also factor in the prevailing global economic conditions to ascertain whether Gold prices will start rising or continue to drop even further.

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Lot Scaling

Understanding Forex Position Scaling or Lot Scaling

Forex lot scaling or position scaling is an advanced concept in position management, often used by experienced traders. Falling under…

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MQL 5 Forex Signals Service

Introduction to MQL5 Trading Signals

The forex signals service is a proprietary service offered by MetaQuotes Software Corp and addresses one of most critical element that is often manipulated by third-party forex signals services, which is transparency.

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How to choose a forex signals service

Forex signals, in the most basic terms are buy and sell signals sent to traders from the signals provider. The advantage with forex signals is that for those who are constrained by time, forex signals are a great way to enter/exit the markets and to make considerable profits.

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Trading Exotic Currency Pairs - NKK, SEK, CZK, PLN, DKK

Getting started with trading exotic currency pairs

The forex markets are pretty much dominated by the major currency pairs, EURUSD leading the lot. However, there is a little/lesser known aspect of forex trading that is usually overshadowed by the majors.. and for a reason. Before you get started with trading exotic currency pairs, you need to first understand the differences.

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Trading Exotic Currencies – ZAR

In the forex market, everyone pays attention to the major currencies and very little attention is paid to some of…

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Bond Market Trading Tips

Trading in bonds is quite different to trading other markets such as Forex or Stocks. For first timers to bonds…

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MetaTrader 5 App: What Does It Offer?

Are you passionate about forex but don’t have time to stay in front of your computer all day long? Well,…

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Difference between Risk and Safe Haven Currencies

When reading the daily forex updates one of the most commonly used terms are safe haven currencies and risk currencies….

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Forex Markets Never Sleeps – Understanding Forex Trading Hours

It is often said that there is never a dull moment in forex and that the markets barely sleep. This…

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Forex Trading Goes Mobile with Android

MetaQuotes Software Corporation has recently released the handy version of MT4 platform, which is suitable with Android devices. The company’s…

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