Trading Strategies

Stage Analysis – Basic 4 stages

Trading with stage analysis, the Stan Weinstein way

Stage analysis trading strategy is a relatively popular trend trading strategy that was discussed in detail by Stan Weinstein, in…

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Round Numbers as Support and Resistance Levels

Five tips to better Support and Resistance trading

Support and resistance also known as supply/demand form one of the basic elements of trading, perhaps only next to price…

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Bollinger Band Bounce – Spotting the right set ups

Improved Bollinger Band Bounce Set ups

Improved Bollinger Band bounce method can help you filter the trades using making the popular Bollinger Band Bounce trading set…

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Median Lines – Support and Resistance levels

How to trade breakouts with Median lines

Median line, also known as Andrews’ Pitchfork tool is a great tool to help in your trading, especially if you…

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Chart Patterns with Pivot Point Confirmations

Simple tricks to trade with pivot points more effectively

While pivot point trading strategy is commonly used, there are risks involved nonetheless. These simple ticks can help you to…

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identifying Trends Objectively

Identify trends correctly with the 4-week rule

Trends in the currency markets are one of the most important and basic elements to trading. Incorrect recognition or interpretation…

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Parabolic SAR, Stochastics Trading Strategy

Parabolic SAR and Stochastics MTF Trading System

The Parabolic SAR is a versatile trading indicator which can be effectively used as a trailing stop indicator. It forms…

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Renko - Support & Resistance Method

Easy trading strategies with Renko Charts

Renko charts, as written in our previous article is purely based on price action and is independent of time. Due…

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Engulfing Bars, Pivot: Long Trade Example

Engulfing Bar at Pivots – Trading Strategy

Traders familiar with candlestick patterns would know that the engulfing bars are perhaps one of the most strongest of candlestick…

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Narrow Range Bar - Chart Set up

Narrow Range Bar Trading Strategy

The narrow range bar or NR bar for short is a popular trading strategy that offers fixed stops and target levels. It can be used across any chart interval and the strategy in itself is built on solid principles. Learn how to trade the NR Bar Strategy

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Heiken Ashi Pivot - Long Trade Example

Weekly Heiken Ashi High Low Trading Strategy

The weekly Heiken Ashi high low (pivot) trading strategy is a simple trading method that makes use of only the…

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Example: Ascending Triangle pattern

Trading with Ascending and Descending triangles

In our previous articles on chart patterns, we covered the Head and Shoulders pattern, the flags pattern (bullish and bearish…

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