Breakout trading strategies

Breakout Trading Strategies

05/22/2017 David Wallace 0

Trading strategies that use price breakouts are amongst the oldest of all technical trading methods and to this day breakouts remain one of the best strategies to build a technical trading system around.

Credit spread adjustments

Credit Spread Adjustments: Delta Hedging with Stock

12/12/2016 Editorial Team 0

One of the most effective ways to adjust a broken out-of-the-money vertical spread is with stock. So many of us in the retail world—having been introduced to the flexibility and/ or leverage of options—seem hotly opposed to taking a position in an underlying stock, ETF or futures.

What are straddle options

What are straddles?

11/29/2016 Editorial Team 0

With the implied volatility of the S&P 500 Index (as represented by the VIX) touching 18 and the 20 day Realized Volatility down at around 8%, I’ve been hearing quite a bit from students and colleagues about long gamma positions – straddles in particular.

Stage Analysis – Basic 4 stages

Trading with stage analysis, the Stan Weinstein way

06/15/2016 Editorial Team 0

Stage analysis trading strategy is a relatively popular trend trading strategy that was discussed in detail by Stan Weinstein, in the book, Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear markets. While the basic principle of trading with stage analysis is merely following the trend, Stan Weinstein gives a more structural approach to this trading strategy.

Round Numbers as Support and Resistance Levels

Five tips to better Support and Resistance trading

05/09/2016 Editorial Team 0

Support and resistance also known as supply/demand form one of the basic elements of trading, perhaps only next to price action. Whether you are trading with moving averages or Bollinger bands, chart patterns or Fibonacci levels, the basic reason why prices behave the way they do has got to do with support and resistance levels.

Bollinger Band Bounce – Spotting the right set ups

Improved Bollinger Band Bounce Set ups

05/04/2016 Editorial Team 0

Improved Bollinger Band bounce method can help you filter the trades using making the popular Bollinger Band Bounce trading set up into a really powerful trading strategy. Bollinger Bands are used for identifying both trends as well as volatility.