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Fibonacci Swing Trading - Chart Set Up

A simple Fibonacci Swing trading strategy

Some of the most profitable and consistent trading strategies are often those that are simple. The simplicity of the trading…

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Hikkake Bar - Bollinger Bands Strategy

Hikkake Pattern – Bollinger Band trading strategy

Price action trading can be a rewarding trading strategy for traders who truly understand how the markets work. While there…

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Inside Bar Examples

Trading the Hikkake Pattern

The Hikkake pattern is a Japanese terminology and refers to ‘trick’. It was discovered by Daniel Chesler, CMT and has…

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Bullish Flag Pattern (Example)

Trading the Flag patterns the right way

In the realm of the many different types of chart patterns, the flag patterns presumably fall into the category of…

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RSI Trend Indicator (With new levels)

How to use RSI to determine trends

Determining trends is one of the basic blocks of technical trading. As the saying goes, the trend is your friend….

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Head and Shoulders Pattern

Trading the Head and Shoulders Price pattern

Price patterns is the field of studying some recurring patterns that happen on the price chart, across different markets. Studying…

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Strategies For Scalping The Forex Market

Scalping is the most difficult of all the trading strategies to do profitably as it is impossible for any trader…

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Breakout Trading Strategies

Trading strategies that use price breakouts are amongst the oldest of all technical trading methods and to this day breakouts remain one of the best strategies to build a technical trading system around..

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Forex Trading Systems Introduction

Forex trading systems is a term traders come across all the time. In fact, you are almost certain to hear…

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Support and Resistance for Trade Entries and Exits

Support and resistance levels are key levels where it is possible for the price of a currency pair to experience…

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Trend Following

In my opinion, the best trading strategy for trading the Forex market is probably trend following. Different markets behave in…

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