Weekly Currency Index Technical Analysis – 9 February

Currency Index Notes

There was not much of a follow up from last week’s analysis. Our only recommendation was to look for long positions in EURNZD on a dip. Looking back at last week’s price action, we do however notice that there hasn’t been any significant change to EURNZD price action.

Australian Dollar Index:

  • The Aussie Dollar is up 0.19% for the month and week, while closing 0.65% higher for Friday
  • We notice a consolidation near the lower trend line of the price channel
  • When using the RSI, there is a clear bullish divergence with RSI printing a lower higher low while AUD prints a lower low
  • This indicates a short term move to the upside and the most likely rally towards the broken support/resistance level at 1.54 – 1.53
  • We need to see a H4 or preferably daily close above 1.512 in order to take a short term intraday long positions in AUD
AUDLFX Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015
Australian Dollar Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015

Conclusion: Expect a short term reversal in AUD for the week ahead. A close below the recent lows will indicate a continuation of the downtrend.

Canadian Dollar Index:

  • CAD has been considerably stronger for the week, closing 1.39% up
  • From the weekly charts, the bearish flag pattern seems to be holding well
  • Last week’s bullish candlestick is however nothing significant but we expect a rally towards 1.59 levels or even as high as the break out level at 1.61
  • For the moment, with price action near the lower support line of the price channel, we prefer to take long positions in CAD pairs against weaker currencies
CADLFX Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015
Canadian Dollar Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015

Conclusion: Look for long positions in CAD for this weak but only against weaker currencies

Euro Index

  • After the bullish engulfing pattern was form a week before, last week’s price action has formed a doji
  • We notice the doji formation coming in with a gap, therefore if we see this week’s price action opening with a gap lower, it could potentially spell more weakness in the Euro
  • For the week, the Euro index managed to gain just 0.02%
  • When switching to the daily charts, there is a possibility of a bullish flag formation alongside a potential inverted head and shoulders pattern
Euro Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015
Euro Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015

Conclusion: Euro could likely move through a choppy session and therefore advisable to stay aside from this currency for this week.

Sterling Index

  • This is the third week of gains in the Sterling Index while for the month, the total gain was 0.96%
  • After the brief break down from the ascending triangle, price quickly moved back up closing inside the trend line
  • There is a massive bearish divergence being formed, which gives a downside target to 2.78, but considering this is the weekly, we need to wait for a close below the first trend line
  • A new trend line plotted with the recent lows forms the next TL to watch
Sterling Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015
Sterling Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015

Conclusion: Due to the lack of clear candlestick patterns, it is best to stay aside GBP pairs for this week

Yen Index

  • Price managed to reverse from the marked support zone and formed a Bullish engulfing pattern
  • From the daily charts, we expect a small dip to 60.944 as a confirmation of a completed correction
  • If this happens, then we can expect to see the bullish trend in JPY resume
  • If there is no retracement to 60.944 and price pushes higher, we can view this as a temporary move with the correction back to 60.68 – 60.09 still being valid
  • To the upside, expect a rally to as high as 62.184
  • The week ended with the Yen losing 1.62%
Yen Index Weekly Analysis - 09/02
Yen Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015

Conclusion: Long positions in JPY preferred against absolutely strong currencies only.

Kiwi Dollar Index

  • The New Zealand dollar closed the week with a decent 1.3% gain
  • Weekly candlesticks formed a piercing line pattern, which indicates a possible correction to the downtrend
  • Because the decline was rapid, and based on the piercing line pattern, we expect a rally back to retrace the broken support at 1.47
  • The only risk being the Weekly moving average that could act as resistance
Kiwi Dollar Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015
Kiwi Dollar Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015

Conclusion: Look for short term long positions in the New Zealand dollar

US Dollar Index

  • The Dollar index was down 0.2% for the week and we are starting to see signs of weakness
  • There was a doji candlestick followed by last week’s hanging man type of a pattern on the top
  • We would however need to see a clear follow through before taking short positions in the US Dollar
US Dollar Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015
US Dollar Index Weekly Analysis – 09/02/2015

Conclusion: Stay aside USD pairs this week until a clear direction emerges

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Ideal Currency Pairs to trade this week

CADJPY, EURAUD seem to be ideal candidates to take long positions in, while EURNZD makes for a good short candidate.