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A shopping receipt is nothing but your post-trade transparency, records price, quantity, time and venue.

What is a Multilateral trading facility (MTF)?

Multilateral trading facility  or MTF is a regulatory term in Europe for non-exchange financial trading venue. A non-exchange financial trading…

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What is happening to the bond markets after a Trump victory?

The bond markets were in the news for the two straight weeks since the U.S elections held on November 8th…

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Bond Yield and Bond Price Inverse relationship

What are bonds. How to trade bonds online

Bonds are the lesser known financial investment products in comparison to stocks or forex. This is largely thanks to the…

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ISM Manufacturing PMI Components and Weightage

What is the ISM Manufacturing PMI Indicator

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) releases a monthly economic report known as the ISM manufacturing Purchase Manager Index (PMI)….

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Stock Market Crash

How does money disappear in a stock market crash

Where does money go when markets crash? “Brexit crash wiped out a record $3 trillion,” the headlines screamed after the UK…

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Difference between Money and Currency

Difference between Money and Currency explained

Money and currency are often interchanged and used loosely. But what is money and what is currency? What are the…

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Stage Analysis – Basic 4 stages

Trading with stage analysis, the Stan Weinstein way

Stage analysis trading strategy is a relatively popular trend trading strategy that was discussed in detail by Stan Weinstein, in…

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Forex Chart

Evaluating A Forex Broker

For many people who may be considering forex trading for the first time, one of the benefits is that it’s…

Read More Logo (NYSE:CRM) could fall to $66 (NYSE:CRM) closed $0.90 lower on Friday at $81.83 or 1.09% lower on the day. SEC filing reports suggested that…

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Weekly Market Outlook

Weekly Currency (Futures) Outlook – Jun 13 – 17

Weekly Technical Outlook for the currency and commodity markets. Euro: After falling steadily for nearly four weeks, the euro retraced…

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How helicopter money works (Implementation)

What is ‘Helicopter Money’ Policy?

Helicopter Money is a proposed alternative in the world of easy monetary policy. One could be forgiven to mistake the…

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Acquisition related debt financing (Source: Dealogic)

What is the ECB’s Corporate Bond purchase program?

After the ECB ventured into the world of quantitative easing as a policy response to deflationary threats and lack of…

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