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Forexpromos.com was first set up in 2010 as a forex website focusing on the latest forex promotions and other such offers catering to forex traders. Over time, Forexpromos quickly expanded into offering reliable forex broker reviews, forex trading news as well as articles to help forex traders at all levels to understand the various concepts involved in forex trading.

Forexpromos.com today is widely recognized in the forex community offering reviews of forex and binary options brokers. We do not review every broker under the sky. While we are overwhelmed by requests from broker, we carefully choose who we partner with. This is why, at Forexpromos.com you may not find that many forex brokers. We choose quality over quantity. Our website also features frequent market updates and technical analysis where required. Today, forexpromos.com enjoys a niche readership with visitors from all across the globe catering to forex traders at all levels of experience. Visitors to our site are serious traders who are looking for either a reliable forex or binary options broker to trade with or for timely market commentary.

Forexpromos.com continues to be the front runner in offering exclusive and latest forex and binary options promotions whilst at the same time making the site a valuable resource for forex traders to stay updated with the market trends.

Our partnerships with forex and binary options brokers are strong and we employ a high standard in publishing, thus allowing us to present reviews of only the most trusted and authentic brokers in the forex and binary options niche. Forexpromos.com guarantees that when a trader signs up to any broker listed on our site, they are sure that they are trading with a credible broker. In the event of any disputes, Forexpromos.com gladly intervenes in order to settle the matter in an amicable and professional manner. In the past, we have not hesitated to delist a broker that has been acting against the interest of the traders and against the acceptable norms.

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