Financial Markets Explained

What is happening to the bond markets after a Trump victory?

The bond markets were in the news for the two straight weeks since the U.S elections held on November 8th…

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Bond Yield and Bond Price Inverse relationship

What are bonds. How to trade bonds online

Bonds are the lesser known financial investment products in comparison to stocks or forex. This is largely thanks to the…

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Stock Market Crash

How does money disappear in a stock market crash

Where does money go when markets crash? “Brexit crash wiped out a record $3 trillion,” the headlines screamed after the UK…

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Difference between Money and Currency

Difference between Money and Currency explained

Money and currency are often interchanged and used loosely. But what is money and what is currency? What are the…

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How helicopter money works (Implementation)

What is ‘Helicopter Money’ Policy?

Helicopter Money is a proposed alternative in the world of easy monetary policy. One could be forgiven to mistake the…

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Acquisition related debt financing (Source: Dealogic)

What is the ECB’s Corporate Bond purchase program?

After the ECB ventured into the world of quantitative easing as a policy response to deflationary threats and lack of…

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USDJPY - YTD 2016 Performance

Why was the yen volatile at April 2016 BoJ meeting?

The Japanese yen saw one of the wildest moves ever this year so far, losing close to 5.90% on a…

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Central Banks with Negative Interest Rates

What is Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)

Central banks across the world have been talking about it, some have already implemented it, and others are still considering…

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NZDUSD - RBNZ Interest Rate Decision

Is the NZD rally justified despite RBNZ rate cut in Dec’2015?

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand met on December 9th for its final monetary policy review for the year. Heading…

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What happened at the OPEC Meeting on December 4th 2015

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries or OPEC met for its bi-annual meeting in Vienna, Austria on December 4th, 2015….

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EURUSD ECB Decision Explained

Why did the Euro rally on ECB’s decision in December, 2015

On December 3rd 2015, the European Central Bank met for its monetary policy review. The ECB decided to leave the…

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Emergency Liquidity Assistance - ECB

What is the ECB’s Emergency Liquidity Assistance or ELA Program

Ever since the recent Greece crisis hit the news headlines, a constant abbreviation “ELA” has been mentioned in the same…

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