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ECB Eurotower

What is the TLTRO and how is it different to LTRO

The ECB recently concluded its first round of TLTRO or targeted long term refinancing operations, which turned out to be…

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ECB Negative Deposit Rate Explained

ECB’s Negative Deposit Rates – Busting the misinformation

After yesterday’s ECB decision to venture into negative deposit rate territory; which now the mainstream media terms it as ‘Historic‘ there have been many articles cropping up about how the ECB’s negative deposit rate will affect the retail consumers.

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EU Banking Union

European Banking Union Explained

The much talked about European Banking Union proposals has been making news on and off. For a complex set up…

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US Debt Ceiling

The US Debt Ceiling Explained

The financial markets have built us a system wherein society, including governments thrive on debt. The simple premise being that…

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Central Banks - Interest Rates

Forex Fundamentals: Interest Rates and Central Banks

At a time when interest rates across the developed economies of the world are at record lows, Interest rates is…

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What is Balance of Trade

Fundamentals influencing Forex Markets – Trade Balance

Most traders tend to get their heads deep into the technical analysis of things. From monitoring chart patterns to support/resistance…

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Mortgage Backed Securities - Fed's QE

How does the Federal Reserve’s QE Work

Quantitative Easing, or Money Printing has been the most commonly used term among Central Banks across the world. Currently, the…

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Central Banks

Why should you be paying attention to Central Banks

The Forex markets have seen a new entrant, the likes of the Central Bank now getting directly involved in their…

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Dollarization - The Ties that binds the markets

Dollarization: The Ties That Bind Countries Together

The Basic Premise of Dollarization An important concept that comes into play in the forex markets is that of dollarization. Many countries have their own currencies though some choose to band together in a unified economic front.

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The Volcker Rule Explained

Recent reports from the media that Washington required more time to review to the Volcker rule, deferring it to the first quarter of 2013 gives some breathing space for financial institutions. Whether you are an investor/trader or have an account with a US bank, the Volcker rule is something you should know about.

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What is the EU Banking Reforms all about

The EU banking reforms has been one of the highly discussed topics in recent months and gained even more prominence…

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ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) Explained

The European Central Bank had announced their new bond purchase program, earlier in September in an effort to save the…

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