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Forex Trading Systems Introduction

Trading Strategies
Forex trading systems is a term traders come across all the time. In fact, you are almost certain to hear the phrase 'stick to one trading system.' So what are forex trading systems and how do you get one for yourself. To begin with, forex trading systems can be defined as a set of expert advisors or indicators that form a system, which helps you make trading decisions. These trading systems can be either fully automated, making use of expert advisors or can be a set of indicators that give you the buy and sell signals along with trade entry and exit points (in some advanced systems). Do you need a forex trading system? The answer is yes and its quite simple. Take for example if you were trading based on Moving average signals. This is nothing but a trading system, or the fancier ...

Installing forex expert advisors on MT4 platform

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Installing Forex Expert Advisors on MT4 requires a bit of technique. In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how easy it is installing forex Expert Advisors on your MT4 trading platform. In case you are unsure about Forex expert advisors, the following articles help you to get more insight about forex expert advisors. What is a forex expert advisor Most of the forex expert advisors are writting for the largely popular MT4 forex trading platform. At the outset, there are two formats of expert advisors available for use with the MT4 trading platform, namely the .mql4 format or the .ex4 format. Regardless to the type of format you get your expert advisor in, both run well on your MT4 trading platform. The only difference being that an MQL4 file can be edited with the MetaEditor program av...
What is the Consumer Price Index in forex trading

What is the Consumer Price Index in forex trading

Economic Indicators
It is important to know which Forex resources are accurate indicators of economic status and currency strength. One such indicator is the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a monthly report that is released around the second or third week. With this information, investors can begin making intelligent decisions on their Forex trading platforms. The Consumer Price Index The Consumer Price Index, also referred to as the Retail Price Index, is an index that measures the change in price for a hypothetical (representative) quantity of goods and services such as food, energy, housing, clothing etc, which represents the number purchased by the average consumer. In simpler terms, it is an educated projection of retail sales, also known as the 'cost of living index' Importance of CPI in forex trading T...
How to use Economic Data in forex trading

How to use Economic Data in forex trading

Financial Markets Explained
In this article we explain how to use economic data in forex trading. The following indicators in forex are beneficial to a more profitable trading in forex. We take a look at some of the economic data that can be used as indicators in forex. Remember that economic indicators usually contain revisions to previous data sets. So although the importance of figures lies in the extent to which they fall outside market expectations, be aware that an unexpected rise could be the result of a downward revision to the previous month. So look at revisions to older data before you use this as a basis for making a trade. Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) This is published on a monthly basis in the USA and is seen as one of the most accurate indicators of confidence. When consumers are more confide...